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Tucson Curb Cycle

Keeping the Glass Moving

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Curb Side Glass Collection

We will pick up your glass recycling every other week and transport it to the recycling center, saving you the hassle of making the trip yourself and ensuring that it is removed from landfill stream.

Service Area

Current Neighborhoods Serviced

We will be adding more areas as we expand, but you have to start somewhere. Please email us if you would like your neighborhood to be next on the list.

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In 2021 The City of Tucson made the tough decision to remove glass from its curbside recycling program. The amount of glass that was collected from the dedicated sites in the past year was only 1763 tons. That is only 33% of what was collected when glass was allowed in the bins. We are here to ensure that your glass finds the recycling stream and improve the collection rate for the City of Tucson. Glass and your time are too valuable to waste. Let us help you make the best of both.


Our mission at Tucson Curb Cycle is simple: Make sure your glass finds its way to being recycled, help to improve the Earth , and protect Tucson's ecosystem for future generations.

Long term goals: With your help and dedication to the Earth and climate we plan to expand our program over time to include all the residents, bars, restaurants, and businesses of Tucson. Allowing all to remove their glass from the landfill funnel and find other futures for this valuable resource.

Meet the Team


My name is Clayton Clark and I am the founder of Tucson Curb Cycle. I am passionate about making a difference and leaving my world a better place for the next generation. Hence, why I started this endeavor. I moved to the Tucson Region in 2006 and brought my family along with me. We didn't' expect to love it as much as we do, but now I can't imagine any other place to live. My education is in manufacturing and problem solving and I am dedicated to solving this local problem for Tucson. With the help of the community and my friends and family I know I will not fail.

Meet Blue Glass! This is the first of what will be many service trucks for Tucson Curb Cycle. They might be small but they are serious about hauling glass!


Questions or if you would like your area to be next on our service list.

2506 N. Stone Ave

Tel: 520-222-7001

Collection Days

Every other Wednesdays

        - 7am till 7pm

Thanks for submitting! I will respond as quickly as I can.

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